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Would you like to be part of the Lagosphx Fashion Week Team?

LagosPhx represents the cutting-edge of the fashion event’s industry. Volunteers may be anyone seeking experience in major event planning, fashion media or fashion industry marketing. For the opportunity to be involved as part of LagosPhx Team, please email a resume and cover letter detailing your past experience(s) or current interest in the fashion industry or runway projects.


Note:  Please be able to fulfill whatever tasks or duties you commit to. Volunteers, in any capacity, are a vital part of event planning, and at times may be the backbone of a charity event. It is important that participating volunteers understand their duties and approach their commitments with the full intention of fulfilling their obligations. In the event that you are not able to fulfill these commitments, please contact the volunteer coordinator immediately.

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Credentials Details

Note: Please provide as much information as possible regarding your interest as a volunteer. Please highlight any specific areas of interest (women, men, shoes, etc) and please include any specific requests.

Note: What shows would you like to attend and availability. Also how many people in your group. What are their names. then please use this space to tell us.